How many treatments will it take to remove my tattoo?

When it comes to estimating the number of treatments a tattoo may need in order to remove it, there are many factors that contribute to that number. Many of these factors are not readily visible. Some determining factors include, but are not limited to, tattoo color, skin color, density of ink, dept of the ink in the skin, and the patient’s own immune system.

Our laser specialists use their knowledge of the laser tattoo removal process along with their experience to provide you with a reasonably estimated range of treatments that may be necessary to remove your tattoo. Due to the extremely variable nature of both people and tattoos, our laser specialists cannot guarantee a specific number or even a range of treatments that may be necessary. Our laser specialists may be able to re-evaluate their original estimate for a more accurate range once they see how the tattoo is responding from one treatment to the next, however, even then an exact number cannot be given nor guaranteed.

We offer free consultations so that you can meet with our laser specialists and discuss with them what to expect from treatment and get an idea of how many treatments may be necessary to remove your tattoo.


Both of the tattoos pictured below are before and after 5 treatments.  Due to placement of the tattoo, density of the ink, and many other variables, they have faded at different rates.  The tattoo on the bottom is all but gone, whereas the tattoo on the top is still quite visible and will require more treatments to appear as faded as the other.