Why Have a Tattoo Removed?

There may be as many reasons to have a tattoo removed as there are unwanted tattoos, but when it comes down to it, there are many common reasons to remove a tattoo. Some of the more common reasons people decide to remove a tattoo are below.

Tattoo Quality

Sometimes the idea of the tattoo is much better before it is placed on the skin. Words can be misspelled, lines can be shaky or inconsistent, the colors don’t hold in the skin like originally anticipated, etc. Sometimes rather than having a tattoo redone, people will opt to remove the tattoo in order to start with a blank canvas.


Like it or not, tattoos are not allowed in some industries. The military is tightening their tattoo policy, while some businesses do not allow their employees to have tattoos at all. People often choose to remove a tattoo in order to better their career.

Religious Reasons

As people change often their religious beliefs can change as well. When a tattoo no longer fits with their religious beliefs and values, tattoo removal may be sought.

Have Children

This one may seem interesting, but often times as people settle down and begin to raise families they realize they do not want their children to ask questions about their tattoos or they don’t want their children to have tattoos at all. The saying “do as I say, not as I do” seems to fit here. Many feel that their warnings may be more easily heeded when they as parents no longer have a tattoo for their children to see.

Getting Married

Many brides have a hard time finding the perfect dress when a once loved tattoo is peering awkwardly from beneath the lacy gown. Tattoo removal seems a great option when a low cut or backless dress is desired.

Parents Don’t Approve

While the parents may never have approved, eventually the disapproval becomes too much for some, and so tattoo removal is sought to help appease mom and dad.

Love Gone Bad

This may be one of the most common reasons to seek tattoo removal. Whether an ex-lover’s name is tattooed on the arm or just a matching symbol links two people who have grown apart, sadly tattoos often last longer than many relationships. When relationships end, it is hard looking at a symbol of that once burning love. Tattoo removal can help to close the wounds of a relationship gone bad.

Whatever the reason for seeking tattoo removal, it is always important to find a reputable clinic with a laser that was designed specifically for tattoo removal. A laser that is also able to perform hair removal or other non-pigment related services, probably is not the best option for tattoo removal. When a laser can be manipulated to perform multiple varieties calibration errors can occur resulting in little to no results or higher incidence for burns and scarring. If ever there is any doubt about a laser’s ability to remove a tattoo safely, contact the clinic and ask questions. At Vanish consultations are always free of charge to allow you to have all of your questions answered and to become comfortable with the staff and procedure before any treatment is started.