After my last laser treatment, my tattoo is healing much more slowly

We have heard this sentiment echoed by some of our patients here at Vanish. Many factors contribute to how quickly your body heals itself. A seemingly slower healing process is not necessarily something to worry about.

If you’ve had a few laser tattoo removal treatments and all of a sudden the healing process seems to be lagging on, it could simply be that the laser’s setting is targeting ink deeper in the skin and thus the healing process can be a bit longer. It could be that you have a significant amount of shattered ink in your skin and your immune system is working hard to flush it away and spending less time on healing the surrounding tissue. It could be that for some reason, your immune system is not working as well as it had been with previous laser treatments.

Several factors can weaken the immune system. Cold weather can draw blood flow towards the center of the body, limiting the immune system’s response to more superficial areas, like the skin. Stress can play a huge role in the effectiveness of your immune system. Indulging in many sugary treats, YUM, can have a slowing effect on the immune system. Sleep deprivation can also hinder the immune system’s response. So many factors can slow your immune system, it is hard to know exactly why healing is taking longer.

If healing is taking a bit longer than before, just allow more time between your treatments. As long as the treated area is healing without signs of infection there should be no cause for concern, however, if other warning signs are present, you may want to consult with your physician. If you’re uncertain, you can consult experts who do tattoo removal in Cedar Rapids, IA and they can redirect you to a physician if needed.