Why is laser tattoo removal such a lengthy process?

On average, laser tattoo removal requires between 5 and 10 treatments to fully remove a tattoo. Some tattoos can take more, where others can take less. There are a large number of factors that play into how easy or difficult a tattoo is to remove. These factors include how dense and dark the ink is, where it is located on the body, skin type, whether the tattoo was professionally done or homemade, and even the person’s immune system.

The immune system is a vital component to laser tattoo removal. With each treatment the laser shatters ink into small enough particles that the immune system can then flush them away. Just as it takes time for your immune system to fight off a cold, it also takes time for it to flush away shattered ink particles.

Each laser treatment targets ink a little deeper in the skin than the previous treatment. By gradually working through the layers of ink, the skin is able to heal fully, in most cases. It also gives the immune system a chance to work on shattered ink without also working so hard to heal the skin. This allows for results to be noticed between each treatment.

More aggressive treatments could result in fewer treatments, but the risk for permanent skin damage and the time needed for healing and ink removal would be greatly increased. The risk just isn’t one Vanish is willing to take.

No one wants to see your tattoo fade quickly more than you, but Vanish is a very close second. We want you to see as much fading from treatment to treatment as possible with the least amount of skin changes. Removing ink only to leave behind a tattoo shaped scar would not make you very happy. We want you to be happy, because when you are happy, you are likely to tell others of your experience; and nothing is better for business than satisfied client.