I Don’t Think My Tattoo Has Faded Much

When you have a tattoo in a location where you can see it on a daily basis, it can be hard to notice just how much the tattoo fades from treatment to treatment. Taking a photograph prior to each treatment can provide an accurate account of the tattoo’s progress. When photos are placed side-by-side, what was once thought to be little to no change is much more noticeable. It is amazing how quickly our minds forget exactly how the tattoo looked prior to starting treatment.

At Vanish we take a picture prior to each treatment and place them side-by-side to show the progression from treatment to treatment to treatment. The progression photos are then uploaded to an album on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/vanishdfw. Like us on facebook to see your progression and the progression of other tattoos being treated at Vanish. But don’t worry, any identifying information is left out of the photo. No one will know where the tattoo is located or to whom it belongs. Enjoy!

Below is an example of one of our progression photos.  This tattoo has had 6 treatments.  Each photo was taken prior to each treatment.