My Friend’s Tattoo is Fading Faster than Mine

There are so many factors involved in determining how easily a tattoo can be removed. Even if you and your friend go the same exact tattoo with the same exact colors on the same exact body part on the same exact day by the same exact artist; chances are your tattoos would respond differently to laser treatment. Placement, colors, ink, artists’ style, and age of the tattoo are only a few of the factors involved in determining how easily a tattoo can be removed.

Other factors are specific to the individual. The immune system plays a HUGE role in the removal process. A healthy immune system can lead to faster removal whereas a weak immune system can cause the process to take longer. The depth of the ink in the skin is another major factor in the removal process.  The deeper the ink, the more treatments will be required to work through the layers of skin and ink.

Do you smoke or drink alcohol? What about your friend? Drinking alcohol or smoking can diminish the effects of laser tattoo removal by limiting the immune system response. If one of you drinks or smokes and the other does not, that could make a HUGE difference in the effectiveness of laser treatment.

Do you follow all aftercare procedures? It is important to follow all aftercare procedures to see the best results. Keeping the area clean, dry, and covered for the first few days after treatment helps to prevent secondary infection, the most common risk with laser tattoo removal. If the area becomes infected, the immune system now has to fight off the infection and not just remove the shattered ink. This can greatly reduce the speed of ink removal. Drinking lots of fluids, especially water speeds the process by forcing the body to remove toxins. Once the area begins to heal, massaging the area with lotion can help to increase blood flow in turn increasing the immune system response. Also it helps with the dehydration that can occur after laser treatment.

As you can see there are many internal and external factors to consider when undergoing laser treatment. No two tattoos no, matter how much alike, are never identical. No two people are identical either. Therefore no two tattoos will respond to laser tattoo removal in exactly the same way. Do not be discouraged if your tattoo is taking longer to fade than your friend’s. Chances are the process is working just as it should for your tattoo and your body.

Below is an example of two very similar tattoos.  Both are located on the shoulder blade of two different patients.  The photos show each tattoo before and after just one treatment at Vanish.  Notice the one on the Left seems to have faded more than the one on the right.