To Laser or Not To Laser

It seems that just when someone says, “I’m never going to do” such and such, that’s exactly when such and such gets done.  For instance, the man with the tattoo of the notable Mitt Romney “R” logo on his face insisted that he would never have it removed. It was part of him and part of his life, just another page in his story so to speak.  But just a few weeks after his proclamation of permanency, Mr. Hartsburg has decided to have the tattoo removed via laser tattoo removal. He says that some of Mr. Romney’s post-campaign comments make him out to be a sore loser.   Mr. Hartsburg says he “can’t get behind that or stay behind that.” Thus the tattoo that was meant to stay is going away.

Another well known tattoo that was said to remain forever is the one Kat Von D. sports on her left side of the childhood portrait of her former lover, Jesse James. Not all that long ago, she insisted that her tattoos were a part of her life story and would always remain a part of her.  Well, apparently she’s had a change of heart when it comes to this particular tattoo anyway. As of Friday, she started the process of laser tattoo removal.

Both of these well known tattoos will not disappear overnight. Laser tattoo removal is a process. On average 5-10 sessions are required to completely remove a tattoo with a minimum of about 4 to 6 weeks between each session. Complete removal is a real possibility when the right laser is used. When seeking a laser facility to have your tattoo removed, it is important to make sure the laser being used is designed for removal of pigment. Other lasers can be used, but often result in adverse reactions or inconsistent results. If you are considering laser tattoo removal, make sure to do your research.