Politicians with Tattoos?

With tattoos being weeded out in the military, many companies adopting “no tattoo” policies, and other nation’s banning tattoos on government officials; you might not expect to see tattoos on many politicians. But then again…

Politicians have been sporting tattoos for quite some time, and it doesn’t appear that the trend is going away any time soon. Here are just a few of the numerous tattooed politicians both of today and yesterday.

John Fetterman: Mayor of Braddock Pennsylvania has the zip code of the town tattooed on his forarm.

Winston Churchill: Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom had an anchor on his right arm.

Barry Goldwater: 1964 U.S. Presidential Candidate had a very small crescent moon with 4 dots on the underside of his left hand.

President Theodore Roosevelt: 32nd President of the United States had his family crest tattooed on his chest.

Allen West: Republican Representative from Florida has an eagle and airborne wings on his arms along with others.

Mary Bono Mack: Republican Representative from California: got a cross shortly after 9/11.

Jim Webb: Democratic Senator from Virginia has military tattoos as well as tattoos celebrating his Scottish and Irish heritage.

Eni F. H. Faloomavagea: Democratic Senator from American Samoa has a tatua, a traditional form of Polynesian tattooing that is performed when a boy enters manhood.

Duncan Hunter: Republican Representative from California has most of 2 sleeves complete made up of tattoos he received at the beginning of each of his deployments as a marine.

Jesse Jackson Jr.: Democratic Representative from Illinois has 2 half sleeves nearly complete. These half sleeves include portraits of his family and Bruce Lee.