Vascular Lesion Removal

Vascular lesions, also known as spider veins, are bothersome and harmless skin blemishes that can appear on all parts of the body. Both men and women seek to remove these blemishes for cosmetic reasons. Thanks to our Etherea IPL-Sq laser, Vanish DFW offers a safe, no downtime treatment for all types of vascular lesions.

During a treatment, our laser selectively absorbs the hemoglobin found in unwanted vessels. The laser light heats the localized vessels and capillaries, inducing constriction and consequent collapse of the vein while keeping the surrounding skin tissue unharmed. Over the weeks following treatment, the vein will disappear from the skin’s surface.

Many patients see results after just one treatment. Additional treatments may be needed depending on the size and severity of the vein, which will be assessed during your initial consultation. Following treatment, you may experience some redness and bruising. These side effects are temporary and will heal over time.