Laser Tattoo Removal

How It Works

During a laser tattoo removal procedure, our Astanza Etherea MX laser and Astanza Eternity ruby laser use light energy to target ink particles in your skin. Together, these lasers produce three wavelengths of light energy for full-spectrum removal.

Depending on the colors in your tattoo, Vanish DFW will use either our Etherea, Eternity, or both to specifically target certain colors of tattoo pigment in your skin. The energy from the lasers are emmitted in ultra-quick pulses and is absorbed by the tattoo pigment particles. Upon absorption, the pigment particles heat up and shatter into tiny fragments. Over the weeks following a treatment, your immune system naturally flushes out the tiny fragmented pigment particles, causing your tattoo to fade.

With a series of treatments, the various layers of pigment that make up a tattoo will continue to be broken down by our lasers until your tattoo is completely removed. Multiple treatments are required to achieve complete removal or significant fading.

Since our lasers’ energy is specifically designed to target tattoo pigments, it keeps the surrounding cells and skin tissue safe from becoming damaged. Therefore, scarring is extremely rare.

Our Tattoo Removal Services

Full Tattoo Removal

Our Weatherford laser tattoo removal clinic can completely remove a tattoo. Because the procedure does not cause scarring, as soon as the skin is healed from the removal process you can immediately tattoo over the area again.

Laser removal of a professionally created cover-up tattoo.



Partial Removal

Do you have a tattoo that you only want to partially remove? Perhaps someone’s name? Maybe there’s a certain aspect of the tattoo that you don’t like, even though you like the overall tattoo. We can remove part or all of your tattoo – our laser is that specific!

Laser removal, Partial, of a Professional tattoo.




If you only want to fade your tattoo we can do that too. Typically fading a tattoo takes fewer sessions. This is a great choice for patients that want to get a cover-up without having to remove their entire tattoo.

Fading of a misspelled word.
Before Coverup Tattoo on Chest


After Coverup Tattoo on Chest


Laser removal of a Professional Ear Tattoo:  This progression shows the patient Just prior to the final treatment.  Note how the fading is gradual and depends on the density and color of the ink.