Why do people seek laser tattoo removal treatments?

We don’t make it a point to ask “why” when someone comes to us wanting to remove a tattoo. We believe that if someone wants to share, they will, and if they don’t then it’s their personal business. We’re here to provide a service regardless of the “why.”

A lot of times the reasoning for wanting to remove a tattoo does get shared, and we welcome your stories without judgment. We’ve heard the “I was young” line many times. We’ve heard a few “I lost a bet” statements. We’ve heard of relationships lost. We’ve even seen and heard “it just didn’t turn out right.” But surprisingly, none of these reasons seems to be the number one reason for seeking laser tattoo removal services.

Believe it or not the primary reason we hear for tattoo removal is placement. We’ve heard “if I could pick it up and move it…” numerous times. Hands, wrists, feet, ankles, and necks tend to be the areas that produce the most “regret.” These are highly visible areas and unless you’re in an industry that has openly embraced highly visible tattoos, a tattoo in any of these areas could be a hindrance in the workplace. It is unfortunate that judgments about a person’s work ethic, trustworthiness, and overall character are made, but as for now it is a reality.

Another common complaint we hear from people with highly visible tattoos are in reference to other people. People are noisy, and asking questions is one thing. Admiring a tattoo is acceptable as well, but when the admiration steps into the wearer’s personal space and business, a line has been crossed. Some people handle this unwanted attention better than others. Some simply cannot tolerate other people touching them or getting overly personal with their questions about a visible tattoo. Having been involved with laser tattoo removal for nearly 3 years, we have learned that some people are quite audacious. It’s amazing what some “tattoo admirers” will do in order to get a better look at someone’s art.

Regardless of the reasons, we know that laser tattoo removal is a very personal decision. It is one that requires commitment and follow-through. Unfortunately, tattoos often elicit more attention as they fade from laser treatments. This is because, as stated before, people are nosey. The good news is that you’re taking a step to eliminate that attention by continuing with laser tattoo removal treatments from services like Mariposa Aesthetics and Laser Center or laser tattoo removal in Huntington Beach, CA, and before too long, the tattoo will be gone.