How long would it take to remove all these tattoos?

Laser tattoo removal is a process; one that can take a year or more to complete in some cases. The density of the ink in the skin is one of many factors involved in determining how long a tattoo will take to achieve complete removal. Other factors include but are not limited to your own immune system, placement of the tattoo, and skin color. On average a tattoo requires 5-10 treatments to completely remove. Treatments are typically spaced 4-8 weeks apart.

If you’re wanting to remove multiple tattoos, often times two or more can be treated in the same session. There is a limit to the size of the area that can be treated at one time, though. The amount of ink we can treat in one treatment is roughly equivalent to the size of a standard sheet of paper. Much more than that and the immune system could be overwhelmed with shattered ink. Also the subsequent swelling could be quite uncomfortable. So the amount of ink you want to remove could add to the amount of time needed for complete removal.

This article, One Direction tattoo removal cost, states that took a look at the tattoos of members of One Direction and determined that Zayn Malik would have to undergo laser tattoo removal treatments (spaced 6 weeks apart) for 38 years to completely remove all of his tattoos. The article does not state if that estimate was calculated by tr4eating one tattoo at a time until it was gone before starting another, or by working on multiple tattoos in each session. That being said, it is very likely much less time would be needed to fully remove all of Zayn’s tattoos.

The point that should be emphasized here is that laser tattoo removal is a process, and results should not be expected to be immediate. Progress will be seen with each treatment, meaning that you will see a difference in your tattoo after each treatment. At first it may be slight differences that are more noticeable by looking at the before picture beside the next before treatment picture. Each treatment builds on the previous treatment, and before long significant fading is visible. If ever you have questions about your laser tattoo removal treatments or the progress of your tattoo, ask your laser specialist that does tattoo removal in Huntsville, AL. It’s always better to have clarity on a subject than to continue to wonder if what you are experiencing is normal or not. As always, experts want to make sure you are completely comfortable with your treatments and fully understand the process.