Who is a good candidate for laser tattoo removal?

With the right laser, tattoo removal can be safe for a wide variety of people. Of course and ideal candidate would be of fair skin with a dark, but not dense, tattoo who is in optimal health, doesn’t smoke, eats a well balanced diet, and stays active. Although this would be the ideal candidate that does not mean laser tattoo removal won’t be successful on more people.

Laser tattoo removal can be effective and safe on darker skin types. Caution needs to be used to prevent hypo or hyper pigmentation, lightening or darkening of the skin in and around the treated area, as much as possible. This means patients with darker skin types may require more time between treatments than someone with a lighter skin type. More time would allow the skin’s natural pigment to repopulate in the event that hypo or hyper pigmentation developed.

Very dense tattoos can be removed via laser tattoo removal treatments. The more dense the ink is, the more treatments will be necessary for removal. Lighter colors may be a bit tricky to remove as they are going to reflect much of the lasers energy, but given the right combination of wavelengths, even light pinks and yellows can be removed with laser treatments.