How long will it take before I start seeing my tattoo fade?

How quickly y0u notice results from laser tattoo removal treatments varies greatly from person to person.  Tattoos fade at varying rates due to a number of factors from the color of the ink to the patient’s immune system and everything in between.

In most cases, fading can be seen within a few weeks after the first laser treatment.  However, especially with black line-work or very dense tattoos, the fading is very minimal and often is not noticed until pictures (before treatment and current) are placed side-by-side.  Line-work tends to appear fuzzy around the edges or tips tend to become brownish.  Other dense colors tend to have spots here and there that faded whereas the majority of the tattoo appears the same.  Other times a tattoo can fade so evenly (like wiping away color with a washcloth) that we forget just how dark the tattoo was before treatment.  This is especially true of blues and greens.

Often times, these “slow to fade” tattoos will fade dramatically after a few treatments, and friends and family will start to wonder what you’re doing to your tattoo.  Remember that every tattoo and every person is different so try not to compare your results to another person’s.  Whether your tattoo fades quickly or not, progress is being made with each laser tattoo removal session.  Also don’t hesitate to ask to see your photos.  We love sharing your tattoo’s progress with you.

Each of the photos below show a tattoo before treatment, about 4 weeks after 1 treatment, and about 4 weeks after a second treatment. Notice that though these two tattoos are both located on fingers and both consist of black line-work, they did not fade the same.  As stated before, many factors play a part in how quickly a tattoo fades.  Just because the one tattoo did not fade as quickly as the other does not mean that laser tattoo removal treatments did not work.  Progress has been made with each laser tattoo removal session.