What are some reasons people have for removing tattoos?

As a lover of tattoos, you may wonder why so many seem to be deciding to remove tattoos these days. There are nearly as many reasons to remove a tattoo as there are people seeking tattoo removal. It is a personal decision that can at times involve a great number of emotions.

At Vanish, we do not wish to pry into our patients’ reasons for tattoo removal, but when they are shared freely, we gladly listen.

Sometimes a tattoo was the result of a rebellious time when the tattoo served to prove one’s independence and freedom from authority.

Other times a tattoo can be a reminder of a time a person would now rather forget. That could be a long gone relationship or a wide variety of other memories that one does not wish to relive, or maybe just explaining the significance of the tattoo is more than a person cares to deal with.

Still other times the placement of the tattoo can be a problem. Some of our patients love their tattoos, but covering them for work has become a frustration. Others are seeking a career in the Armed Forces. Tattoo policies in the military change often as the need for new recruits rises and falls. The army recently tightened its restrictions on tattoos for new enlistees. These tighter restrictions forbid tattoos below the knees or elbows, whereas previously only the area 2 inches above the wrist and lower was off limits.

Regardless of the reasons one may have for removing a tattoo, Vanish will treat each person and each tattoo with the utmost respect and care. If you’d like to share your story with us, we’d love to hear it. If not, we respect your privacy.