Illness and Laser Tattoo Removal

It’s that time of year! Coughs, colds, and sniffles are going around.

Because laser tattoo removal as well as laser skin rejuvenation and sun spot removal actively involves the immune system, if you become ill or think you may be getting sick, our laser specialists suggest you postpone your laser treatments until you are feeling better. In most cases, there would be no harm to treat while you aren’t feeling 100%, but an illness, even just the sniffles, can keep your immune system occupied which can slow healing and the removal of shattered ink. For skin rejuvenation and sun spot removal, the concept is the same. The immune system is active in causing the skin to turn over, flushing out impurities, and removing broken pigment from the skin. To see the best results, it is advised to be feeling healthy and well the day of treatment.

As always, if you have any questions regarding your treatment or the recommendations of our staff, do not hesitate to talk to one of our certified laser specialists. We’re here to ensure you have the best experience possible at Vanish.