Not Just Tattoo Removal

Our Astanza Trinity laser system is not only effective in removing tattoos. It can also create more youthful looking skin. Most often these skin rejuvenation treatments are done on the face, but we can also treat the shoulders, backs of the hands, or tops of the feet.

For a skin rejuvenation treatment, we use a very low setting of our Q-switched Nd:YAG 1064nm laser to treat the entire area. This treatment causes just enough damage to the skin to cause it to turn over. Immediately after treatment, your skin will have a light pinkish glow and may feel slightly tighter. For the first 24-48 hours, we recommend wearing no make-up; however a mild moisturizer and sun screen is permitted and encouraged.

As mentioned previously, the laser treatment causes the skin to turn over at a more rapid pace than normal. This allows for new, younger skin to replace the older skin. Also the immune system gets activated to push out impurities and help decrease the appearance of pores. Laser skin rejuvenation also helps to increase collagen production which can improve the elasticity of the skin.

All of these benefits are possible with laser skin rejuvenation treatments; however it is important to note that the differences in the skin’s appearance after one treatment will be subtle. As we are, all too often, our own worst critics, especially when it comes to our skin, it may be hard for us to notice the changes ourselves. Often times our clients will state that while they didn’t notice much difference, their friends have made comments that “something is different.” Also note that the body takes time to slough off dead skin, push out impurities, and soften fine lines. Generally four to six weeks is required after treatment to see the best results.

Depending on the goals you have for improving your skin’s youthfulness, multiple sessions may be necessary. Also wearing sunscreen daily with an SPF of 30 or higher is highly recommended and encouraged. By not protecting our skin from damaging UV rays, it is likely that new damage can occur. Once you have reached your goal, it is advisable to maintain your skin’s appearance by continuing with skin rejuvenation treatments once every six months to a year, again depending on your preferences.

The photo on the right was taken prior to treatment. The photo on the left was taken prior to the third treatment. These pictures represent before and after 2 treatments. Note the subtle differences around the forehead, eyes, lips, and chin. The skin tone appears much more even. Fine lines and wrinkles appear less noticeable. This is a good example of what to expect from our laser skin rejuvenation treatments.