White Ink Tattoos

A rapidly growing trend in the tattoo community seems to be white ink tattoos. Until recently white ink was primarily used to highlight colorful tattoos, but rarely as the primary color of the tattoo. Now, using white ink as the primary or even only color in a tattoo is becoming very popular. Part of the appeal is that white ink tattoos are much more subtle than their dark/colorful counterparts. White ink can be placed on more exposed areas with little risk of backlash in the workplace. And if they are seen by the boss, they are much easier to cover than bold, black tattoos.

White ink tattoos do have a downside, however. First, it is hard to use a stencil for a white ink tattoo as the risk of mixing stencil ink with the white tattoo ink is great. When these inks mix, the color becomes a pale blue, pale purple, or even a grayish color. While these colors are still much more subtle than a black or colorful tattoo, the desired look is lost when stencil ink mixes with white tattoo ink.

Another issue with white ink tattoos is that they are much more prone to degrade due to sun exposure. They can fade completely as the sun’s ultraviolet rays breakdown the ink particles. In other instances, the white ink can become yellowed or even turn a brownish or even a gray color. There again, the desired result of an all white tattoo is lost.

As with any tattoo, but more so when looking to get an all white or predominately white ink tattoo, make sure you understand the process and the risks. Find an artist who is confident in working with all white ink, but above all find an artist who has experience with white ink tattoos.