Tattoo Parties

Just about any fun activity can be even more fun when done with a group of friends. However, some activities should still be entered into with thought. Tattoo parties can be an exciting way to share a tattoo experience with many friends and acquaintances. On the other hand, they can be a place were tattoos are entered into lightly and without much consideration for placement or even the actual artwork. Tattoos are intended to be a permanent addition to one’s skin and should therefore be carefully considered before “getting inked.”


In addition to the occasional lack of careful thought of placement and overall artwork, some tattoo artists may tend to rush through designs in order to complete a significant number of tattoos in a relatively short amount of time. This can lead to errors in size, shape, and even spelling.


Another risk of home tattoo parties can be a lack of a sterile environment. Remember that as the needle pierces the skin to apply the ink, it creates an open wound. Anytime there is an open wound, the risk of infection is great. A clean preferably sterile environment is necessary to reduce the risk of infection.


To avoid regret over tattoo placement, a poorly applied tattoo, or even infection, it may be best to avoid home tattoo parties. Instead schedule a time for your group to visit your local artist at his or her shop. Ensure that enough time is provided for all of your tattoos to be carefully applied. Also make sure that each person in your group has carefully considered the placement as well as the artwork for their tattoo.