With so many tattoo removal options, why should I choose Vanish?

We are aware that when it comes to tattoo removal, you have many options available. There are numerous different types of treatment as well as several locations for tattoo removal treatments.

Some options are better than others. Topical creams can help to fade the tattoo by causing the skin to turn over at a much higher rate than usual, but the cream will never penetrate deep into the skin where the majority of tattoo ink resides. Dermabrasion and salibrasion can be successful at removing a tattoo, but all too often an ugly scar is left behind. The tattoo could be cut out through a procedure called excision, but there again a scar is often left behind. The least damaging option for tattoo removal today is laser tattoo removal.

Though laser tattoo removal is the gold standard for tattoo removal, it is important to know that the laser being used was designed to remove pigment from the skin.   At Vanish our Trinity Laser by Astanza is one of the most advanced pigment removal lasers available on the market today. It was designed specifically to remove pigment. Therefore it is extremely safe and effective at removing tattoos. If a laser tattoo removal facility also performs laser hair removal, laser vein removal, laser lipo, or other non-pigment related services, be cautious. It is possible to re-calibrate a laser to perform different tasks, however this can lead to a greater risk of operator error as well as mechanical malfunction. When a facility specializes in just one or two types of procedures they are more likely to be extremely accurate in what they do.

At Vanish, we take pride in our ability to remove tattoos and other pigmentation. This is our specialty, and we treat it as such.