Cover-up or Tattoo Removal?

When a tattoo is no longer wanted, there are many options available to remedy the situation. Cover-up or tattoo removal seems to be the most common ways to deal with an unwanted tattoo.

In order to decide which is best for you, you need to ask yourself some questions about your tattoo. If the placement of the tattoo is not a problem, and you like having a tattoo, just not that tattoo, a cover-up may work for you. Keep in mind that not all artists are skilled at cover-ups. Also the new tattoo would have to be larger and darker than the original tattoo, usually much larger and darker.

If the placement of the tattoo is the problem or if a larger, darker tattoo doesn’t appeal to you, tattoo removal may be your best option. With the right technology, laser tattoo removal can completely remove an unwanted tattoo in most cases. When choosing laser tattoo removal, be sure the laser used was designed for pigment removal. It is possible to recalibrate a laser so that it is capable of performing many different services, however the more services a single laser can perform leads to the possibility for errors in calibration. Improperly calibrated lasers can cause adverse reactions such as tissue damage or little to no results.

Be certain that whatever you decide for your tattoo, it is the right decision for you and anyone working on your tattoo is qualified to do the job at hand.