Tattoos To Cover or Laser Treatment To Remove Birthmarks

Tattoos are being used to “soften” the appearance of scars. Skin toned ink can be used to fill in areas of skin that either do not produce enough pigment or produce too much pigment due to burns and other trauma to the skin. Some people are using the same procedure to blend out certain birthmarks and skin pigment conditions such as port wine stains and café au lait spots. While skin toned ink will never be a perfect match to anyone’s skin, it can help diminish the appearance of scars and such which can improve the self-esteem of people who have dealt with questions and ridicule for many years.


When seeking to remove port wine stains, café au lait spots, and other birthmarks or hyper pigmented areas there is another option, however. Laser treatments can remove the unwanted pigment. The laser targets the pigment in the skin. The energy from the laser is then absorbed by the pigment to the point that the pigment shatters. At this point the pigment is small enough that the body’s natural immune response is able to flush away the unwanted color. Many birthmarks are able to be removed in as few as one or two treatments with the Trinity Laser by Astanza.

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