Time Between Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions

Why do I have to wait 4-6 weeks before my next laser tattoo removal session?

Four to six weeks is the recommended time to wait between laser sessions because this allows time for your body to heal. This time frame also allows your immune system to remove a good amount of ink and return to normal before it is overwhelmed with shattered ink again. Performing another laser treatment on skin that is not completely healed leads to a greater risk for scaring.

If after 3 weeks my skin is healed, can another session be performed earlier than the recommended 4-6 weeks?

Certainly, as long as any scabs or blisters are completely healed another treatment can be performed. One think to consider, however, is that while having laser tattoo removal procedures closer together may result in less time over all to achieve removal, it may require an extra session or two in order for the ink to be flushed away by the immune system. The decision is ultimately up to you. Do you want to potentially have the tattoo gone more quickly, or would you rather possibly have a session or two fewer?