Tattoo Removal via Flesh Toned Ink Cover-up

It sounds like a no-brainer. If you don’t like your tattoo, go back to the tattoo shop and have the artist cover it up with flesh toned ink.  Wham, bam, boom…tattoo is gone, right? Probably not. Natural skin is slightly transparent, meaning light can shine through it, and you can see through it to an extent. Ink is opaque meaning no light penetrates it, thus it cannot be seen through.  For this reason, the flesh colored ink will always be somewhat visible.

Also there are many, many different skin tones. Just walk down any make-up aisle. You will notice hundreds of different colors of foundation for women. They’re very similar, but differ ever so slightly.  Even with make-ups, women rarely find an exact match, but they can blend the foundation color into surrounding areas to create the illusion of beautifully matched skin.  With flesh colored tattoo ink, finding an exact match for your skin would be virtually impossible, and there is little chance the ink can be blended into surrounding areas. Some may come close, but none are going to be a perfect match.

There are probably people out there who have successfully had their tattoo “removed” by covering it with flesh toned ink, but the majority is probably less than satisfied with the end results. A better option would be laser tattoo removal. While there are risks of adverse effects, they are extremely rare when the right laser is used under the right conditions. It is always advisable to do your research regardless of what tattoo removal option you are considering. This is your skin, and if you regret a tattoo, how much more will you regret a scar, a blotchy mess, or worse? Always understand as much as possible about any procedure before jumping into it. Make sure that if you are going to a facility you have the opportunity to sit down with a trained staff member, and ask questions before any treatment is started. This can save a lot of heartache and hassle down the road.