Laser Tattoo Removal Progression Black Ink Only

After just three laser tattoo removal treatments, this tattoo is fading nicely.  Nearly all of the shading has faded out of the tattoo, and what was once thicker, bolder lines is now  about as light as the original shading.  Laser tattoo removal is a process.  On average a tattoo takes between 5 and 10 sessions to remove.  Some can take more, where as some can take less.  It is recommended to allow at least 6 months for tattoo removal if you want the tattoo removed before a special event such as a wedding.  Laser tattoo removal sessions are preformed about every 4 to six weeks to give your body plenty of time to heal and allow for the immune system to flush out a good portion of the broken up ink before it is bombarded again.  With each subsequent treatment, more and more of the ink will be removed.  It may be hard to see the results when you are looking at your tattoo every day, but comparing photos taken prior to treatments shows the progress.