Darker spots after laser sun spot removal?

Is it common to have darker spots after sun spot removal?

For many patients it is extremely common for their sun spots to become darker immediately following laser treatment.  Immediately after the laser treats the skin, we are looking for a slight raising, a reddening, and in some cases some “laser snow” to appear on the surface of the skin.  These are signs that the immune system has been activated and is ready to begin flushing out the unwanted pigment.  Some patients will experience some scabbing in the treated area.  Others will not.  Some patients will see the darkened spot become lighter after just a few days whereas others will take a few weeks to see the darker spot fade away.  Some will not have a scab, but a thicker rougher layer may grace the surface of the treated area.  This sloughs off in a few days to few weeks.  Some patients do not have any of these effects.  The initial reddening and inflammation dissipates very quickly in some patients, leaving them feeling like the treatment is not going to work.  But as with other patients the treated area does tend to appear lighter within a few weeks.

We understand saying “everyone reacts differently to treatment” can be very vague and leave a patients with questions as to what they can expect from treatment.  Unfortunately, the reactions you will have after treatment are up to your particular body.  As always if you have any questions regarding your treatment, do not hesitate to call the office.  The staff is always willing to answer your questions.